Feelings In Film Video

FeelinginFilm from Laura Dengrove on Vimeo.


Feelings in Film is a Supercut that captures real emotion in film, ranging from anger, happiness, sadness, fear, and etc. See how these actors capture the raw emotions that fill our lives on a daily basis.
Films Used:
American Psycho
The Fantastic Fear of Everything
Star Trek
Hot Fuzz
Good Will Hunting
American Beauty
Wolf of Wall Street
Pulp Fiction
Django Unchained
Kill Bill part 1


Final update on project

Finished video project on feelings in film. Changed the format a bit for some scenes to include a little more than just their face to convey all the emotions but I followed a rhythm so each emotion followed the other and seemed to flow right.

Had clips follow music, or at least 95% I believe follows the music and is timed perfectly to my liking.

It took a lot of work, most time was spent with quick time and getting the clips, but editing proved to be easier than I thought and I enjoyed it a lot.

Having difficulties using I-movie and finalising the project, will go for office hours to official post the project

Project Update

Continued screen grabbing different videos for my project

Moving on to editing process

Having difficulty with the timing of everything, but playing around with editing tools on I-Movie to make everything more fluid looking in the final project

While editing, still watching different clips to potentially put into video- main issue so far is making the video longer – using lots of clips to help this problem

Project Update 2

Preparing power point to present in class with main points of the project for Thursday’s class.

Continued editing different pieces of films to capture different emotions. Much tricker than I thought it would be. Very time consuming, and not a lot of films give me the exact shot I need or want, however I am making it work.

I am trying to find a lot of clips with people waking up to start the video, which is also proving to be time consuming and difficult, but so far everything is coming together well.

Still trying to work with I-Movie, but still in screen shot faze of the project.

Project Update

In class, I did a screen recording of Django Unchained and Scream for close ups of fear and sadness. I will take more scenes from different films to show more emotions. I worked with I-movie as well and tried to edit some of the pieces a little bit more for the final video.

I will try and focus more on happy and transition emotions to put into the video.

Storyboard : So Far

For my final project- I will be focusing on the different emotions throughout different films and they way they are portrayed.

I will start the video hopefully with clips of different people waking up throughout film and begin the different transitions of emotions- from happy to sad, and progress naturally from there with the in-between stages of emotions as well that are captured on film. All of this will be seen only through closeups of the face, and nothing else shown.

The images will be edited to the song “The Lightening Storm” by Snow Patrol.

After all emotions have been shown throughout the video, the video will close with people going to sleep as the video and song fade away.

All of this will be accomplished through the use of I-Movie and QuickTime.

Final Idea for Project

My final idea for the project will be a project about the eyes, and how they tell a story without showing the face or anything else in the scene. I will call it, “The Windows to the Soul.” Films being used are still in the process of being picked. Song attached to it will be, “The Lightening Storm”, by Snow Patrol.