Feelings In Film Video

FeelinginFilm from Laura Dengrove on Vimeo.


Feelings in Film is a Supercut that captures real emotion in film, ranging from anger, happiness, sadness, fear, and etc. See how these actors capture the raw emotions that fill our lives on a daily basis.
Films Used:
American Psycho
The Fantastic Fear of Everything
Star Trek
Hot Fuzz
Good Will Hunting
American Beauty
Wolf of Wall Street
Pulp Fiction
Django Unchained
Kill Bill part 1



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  2. betmanuel · May 8, 2015


    The concept for this supercut remains a fascinating one (how and in what ways do directors rely on close ups to represent emotion?) and after seeing the final cut, I think it probably needed a number of further drafts to be as clear as you wanted it to be. Part of this is your overreliance on a number of films (American Psycho, for example) which rather than offer a wide array of emotions, just merely show them within one particular film. The editing is strong and the song quite appropriate, but I found myself having a hard time seeing the very organized transitions I know you’d mapped out on your initial storyboards. It remains a strong video but one whose purpose doesn’t quite come through as clearly in its execution.
    Good work!

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